Pastor Luke Ahrens

My Church Filled With God’s Power | The Power of Mutual Ministry

Text: 1 Corinthians 13:4-6

1A) The absence of True Love is the result loving myself too much or you too little. (vv.4-6)

2A) The Mirage of Self-Love: If only I had ____________, I would be satisfied.

#1: My Self-Love is why I sin and why I love my sin.

#2: Every moment, I am choosing Self-Love or True Love.

#3: External expressions of Self-Love are really the expressions of my broken heart.

#4: Out of the abundance of my heart, my mouth/actions speak.

#5: My Self-Love wears many self-deceiving masks.

#6: External attempts to cover my heart will fail.

#7: My heart is a reminder of how much I need the saving power of Christ.

3A) The Miracle of True Love: I have the love of Christ-I have everything!

Those filled with True Love…

• Stick around to minister to other broken, sinful hearts;

• Demonstrate humility by growing in the love of Christ.

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