Pastor Luke Ahrens

Series: The Gospel of Luke | A Savior Is Born

Text: Luke 1:26-56

A. Nine gifts from God that will alter your life forever:

  1. The gift of: Favor from God. (v. 30)
  2. The gift of: Being used by God in His eternal story. (v. 31)
  3. The gift of: Our Savior and King, Jesus Christ. (vv. 32-33)
  4. The gift of: The presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit. (v. 35)
  5. The gift of: Evidence of God’s power. (v. 36)
  6. The gift of: Unbound optimism rooted in truth. (v. 37)
  7. The gift of: Spirit-filled family and friends. (v. 41)
  8. The gift of: Encouragement. (vv. 42-45)
  9. The gift of: Grace to walk by faith. (v. 45)

B. Your Magnificat: A personal response of worship to the Lord. (vv. 46-56)

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