Pastor Luke Ahrens

Main Series: I Know The Plans I Have For You

Sub Series: Hope While Waiting

Text: Daniel 6

1A) God wants to reveal His glory through…

• My Holiness; (v. 4)

7 Ways to Live with Daniel 6:4 Integrity:
1) Social Testimony
2) Keep My Word
3) Honor Others From Behind
4) Work Hard
5) Financial Faithfulness
6) Spirit-Empowered Living
7) No Secrets

• My Commitment to Prayer; (v. 10)

• My Courage; (v. 10)

• My Unrelenting Trust in Him. (v. 23)

2A) God reveals His glory through impossible people and circumstances.

3A) God reveals His glory through deliverance, grace, and faithful redemption.

4A) We receive great joy as God allows us to participate in His plans for redemption.

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