Pastor Luke Ahrens

Series: I Know The Plans I Have For You | Hope While Waiting

Text: Daniel 2

1A) God is reaching out in mercy to the people in my life. (vv. 1-16)

Encouragement #1: God knows how to get my _______________’s attention.

2A) God empowers life-altering ministry through my fervent prayers. (vv. 17-24)

Encouragement #2: God will provide support to me through fellow believers.

3A) God can use my humble testimony to reveal Himself to _______________. (vv. 25-45)

Encouragement #3: The Holy Spirit will empower my communication.

4A) God is glorified each time ______________ encounters His grace. (vv. 46-49)

Encouragement #4: God will honor me for being His faithful witness.

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