Pastor Luke Ahrens

Series: 4Passions of a Growing Disciple

Text: John 15:1-11

1A) To be a growing disciple, I must embrace pruning. (vv.1-3)
New Growth
Prevent Spread of Disease
Quality of Fruit
Improve Reach of Light

2A) In order to abide, I must prioritize my relationship with the Source. (vv.4-6)

3A) Abiding will cause greater fruitfulness in my life. (vv.7-8)

4A) I must be committed to the ongoing process of abiding. (vv.9-10)
The essentials of my commitment are:

• Discovering God’s commandments;

• Keeping God’s commandments.

5A) As I abide, I receive the gift of perfect and complete joy. (v.11)

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