Praying for the Election

Every election has its wrinkles as imperfect men and women seek to persuade us that they are the best leaders to direct our nation for the next few years in various government offices. This election, more than any in recent memory, has been filled with wrinkles and imperfections. It is tempting for Christians to simply sit this election out. No, I am not just talking about skipping the opportunity to vote on or before election day, I am talking about our willingness to care in the way that goes beyond our vote—I mean our willingness to care about this election in prayer.

Often we find it easy to pray when we have a favorite candidate(s) who seem give us hope and who promote certain aspects of a biblical worldview. But what should we do if we find the candidates and the electoral process distasteful and disheartening, such that we simply want to turn away discouraged and wait for the next election? What should we do? Pray! And keep praying diligently!

Let me invite you to join me in praying for seven critical items in this election season. Pray for:

Truth to dominate. Pray for truth and transparency to be held in high regard. And ask the Lord to expose spin, cover ups, and falsehood. Pray for these imperfect candidates (which includes all men and women) to acknowledge their lies and falsehood, seek forgiveness for their sinful choices, and choose to speak truth and live in truth.

The Hearts of all candidates. Pray for the grace of God to be poured out on the hearts of all of our potential leaders, knowing that God’s kindness leads men and women to repentance (Romans 2:4). Pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal the Good News of Jesus Christ to their hearts.

Esthers and Daniels. Regardless of who wins the presidential race and other elections, much of the governing will be handled by secondary appointed leaders. Scripture shows us the power of courageous secondary leaders such as Esther and Daniel, who will have tremendous opportunities to influence the future course of our nation. Ask God to raise up many Esthers and Daniels to serve under those who are elected in November.

Humility. “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble (James 4:6).” Pray for our future leaders to humble themselves before the Lord and not be found arrogantly setting themselves up against the Lord, publically or privately (Psalm 2:1-2). Pray for God use each leader to “do justice, and to love kindness, and walk humbly with God (Micah 6:8).”

Wisdom. Ask the Lord to give wisdom to our nation as we go to the polls and choose thousands of leaders at many levels of government. Pray for God to give supernatural wisdom to our future leaders as they prepare to face many highly complex issues, both internationally and domestically.

Military veterans and families. Ask the Lord to cause our newly elected leaders and those they appoint to fully care for our military veterans and their families, especially those emotionally and physically scarred as a result of their courageous service on behalf of our country.

Spiritual healing. Ask for God to give us leaders who can grasp the precarious spiritual condition of our nation. Pray for these leaders to turn to God as the source of hope in broken communities, simmering racial divisions, and the political atmosphere of antagonism. Pray for our nation to see Christ as the hope for healing and lasting peace.

Join me in daily prayer. May God use us to be a source of hope and grace in our nation as we seek God’s face in prayer this election season.

Pastor Luke

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