Pastor Luke Ahrens

My Church Filled With God’s Power | The Power of Mutual Ministry

Text: 1 Corinthians 12:10d

1A) Excursus: This study is a call for me to demonstrate Humility in…

• an open mind that is seeking the mind of God;

• coming under the authority of the Word of God, not my experiences or conclusions;

• how I approach difficult passages in Scripture.

2A) A starting point: A working definition of Tongues and of the Interpretation of Tongues:

• The Manifestation of the Spirit in Tongues defined: A Spirit inspired message of worship in a known or unknown, human or angelic, language leading to edification.

• The Manifestation of the Spirit in the Interpretation of Tongues defined: The Spirit enabled ability to interpret the message and/or the meaning of the message.

3A) I need to understand God’s purpose for Tongues within the Framework of Redemption.

Step 1: Sin

Step 2: Judgment

Step 3: Hope

Step 4: Christ

Step 5: Worship

Step 6: Missions

Step 7: Culmination

Conclusion: Tongues-A Call to Worship our Great God!

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