Pastor Luke Ahrens

My Church Filled With God’s Power | The Power of Mutual Ministry

Text: 1 Corinthians 14:26-40

1A) Worship together must be intentional about Building Up. (v. 26)

2A) Worship together must properly reflect the nature our glorious God. (vv. 27-40)

1b) I must demonstrate humility:

• By acknowledging the Spirit at work in others.

• By realizing there is a time for speaking and silence.

• By centering our worship on the character of God.

• By responding to the work of God: learning and being encouraged.

• By living and worshipping in a culturally respectful way.

• By developing Christ-centered ministry in the context of my home.

• By submitting my spiritual gift to the command of the Lord.

• By opening my heart to the move of God’s Spirit.

• By building a worship setting that is pleasing to our God.

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